2021 Q2 - Market research and definition of project mechanics.

2021 Q3 - Detailed definition of project gameplay, initial designs of NFTs.

2021 Q4, October & November - Market validation and finalization of token structure and game economy.

2021 Q4, December - 2022 Q1, February - Marketing and Fundraising

  • Seed funding round, Private funding round

2022 Q2, April - IDO & Token Listing

  • Release of token on public DEX and CEX

  • Release of staking features

The epic vision of MetaRails will begin with astute marketing and community-building efforts, followed by a series of funding rounds, and finally listing our token on public DEX and CEX. We will also make staking available in this phase.

2022 Q2

  • First NFT sales

Our highly anticipated 3D Train NFTs will be finally introduced into the Metaverse. These trains which will serve as in-game assets will be made available for mint to our community and the public. We will introduce an NFT viewer which will allow collectors and players to enjoy the stunning little details of their trains in all of their glory.

2022 Q3 - Game Development

Game development will continue right after the train launch. Our development team will spend countless hours building and refining advanced game features and mechanics to complete the rewarding gaming experience we envisioned from the start.

2022 Q4 - Game Launch

Once an initial version of the game is complete MetaRails will undergo alpha and beta testing to straighten out any kinks that may crop up before the official game lunch is announced. Our launch players will be gifted a modest piece of real estate on top of which they will build and play to earn.

2023 Q1 Metaverse Integration

MetaRails is hyper-focused on ensuring full compatibility with existing and future metaverse projects. All 3D game assets can be ported to other metaverses like the Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, Samnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Shoyu, and more.

Future of Metarails

We will continue to innovate and refine MetaRails to grow our player-base and community in the direction determined by the MetaRails DAO. We will introduce new in-game assets and features to expand the gameplay, and keep things fresh and exciting.

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