Our Tokens

MetaRails Token - $MRAIL - MetaRails token is an ARC-20 governance token that allows holders to stake, vote, and make proposals in the RailsDAO.

Trains NFT - The NFT of the train is a unique asset with collector value. Additionally, in MetaRails, trains fulfill two main economic roles: 3D assets that are used to engage in the play experience, and in-game utility as income-generating assets.

MetaRails Fuel - $MRF - To reward players and to modulate the inflation of the ecosystem, the $MRF is an ARC-20 token that acts as the primary in-game reward token which is minted from in-game resources found on the table terrain. Trains of higher tiers will carry and deposit more resources at a faster rate than more common alternatives. These resources can have varying exchange rates for $MRF depending on the natural supply and demand of the game. In order to mitigate rapid inflation, $MRF will be required at many stages including blueprint minting, manufacturing at a factory, and expanding table space.

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