NFT Models

What makes us unique?

The basis of the whole ecosystem are high quality, intricate, and interoperable models of our collectible locomotives and wagons. These assets will be available in both 3D format (glb) and 2d formats (jpeg, gif, video). All 3D models will be optimized for use in our gaming ecosystem but also in third-party VR / AR applications and mobile devices. We think that cross-game NFTs are an inevitability and therefore we intend for all future owners of our assets to be able to use our models across other metaverse projects.

Why so many formats?

MetaRails wants to cover as much of the NFT market as possible and give even more conservative collectors a chance to become part of MetaRails. Avid train collectors can enjoy the high detail renders of the train models and passively benefit from the growing economy of our game. The more active portion of our audience can utilize their 3D models in the gaming ecosystem and rent them or use them for personal resource gathering.
The advantage of this type of NFT within MetaRails will be the ability to increase the value of purchased models much faster and more efficiently. Of course, it will be possible to purchase the entire collection according to the real historical periods in special starting packs or in special offers.

How do we make our NFT models?

Our locomotives are handmade by our team of experienced 3D modelers, who use real locomotives as guides. Many NFT projects use auto-generation of parts or entire models to speed up the minting of new NFTs. We have decided to go the more laborious and complicated way of hand-producing every single locomotive. We believe that our conscientious approach to model creation will be appreciated by both hobbyist collectors and by those seeking to use them in our game ecosystem and across the metaverse.