Stake mechanism

Stakers will need to meet certain playtime and governance participation requirements to maximize their staking rewards. The overall yield stems from two main sources:

  1. Base yields distributed from the "Play to Earn" token tranche.

  2. Treasury distributions (voted on by RailsDAO governance).

In the early lifecycle of MetaRails, base yields will be high to attract players and incentivize active participation in both the game and the DAO. This will also allow time for the MetaRails treasury to build a war chest from NFT sales, marketplace fees, in-game purchases, and other revenue streams. As base yields taper off, treasury distributions can take their place to provide a sustainable source of yield for $MRAIL stakers. It will be up to a governance vote to determine how specifically to put the treasury to work.


Through both $MRAIL and the community-controlled treasury, MetaRails will place the project into the hands of the most passionate and deeply invested players.

Funds to go into the treasury:

  • Factory creation

  • Train manufacturing

  • Marketplace fees

  • NFT sales and partnerships

Funds to be used from the treasury:

  • Staking rewards

  • Lotteries

  • Leaderboard rewards

  • Off-chain snapshots to reward various value-adding actions (creating guides, marketing, development contributions, etc.)

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