Metaverse Integration & Social Features

Portability of 3D Assets

MetaRails is hyper-focused on ensuring full compatibility with existing and future metaverse projects. All trains and tables will be fully portable 3D assets that can be taken to other metaverses and galleries like the Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Shoyu, and more. Players can display their intricate dioramas and high graphical train models, or even use them as game assets with utility in other games.


While we encourage the community to port their NFTs and build their own creations around them, we will also roll out our own augmented reality and virtual reality features to immerse players. During the beta launch, MetaRails will create an AR train viewer and, later on, an in-game VR showroom to allow players to view their assets in all their glorious detail.


It's fun to build a Train Set for yourself but even better when you can share it with others. You can set your tables to be Private, Public, or Friends only. Simply have your friends type in your custom table code and they will hop on a train heading straight to your diorama.


Visitors can interact with elements of your table that will boost your gameplay for a short time.

Friend lists

You can visit other players and invite them to be your friend. Friends are able to gift more often as well as chat with one another. (parental controls can limit chat to choosing from a limited list, i.e. no free chat).


Compare your train power in leaderboards. You can compete against your friends, the local or global community, and even form alliances.

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