Marketplace & Renting

The in-game marketplace is where players can buy and sell a variety of game items including trains, blueprints, items, and even entire tables. The modularity of the game will allow for a wide range of transactions. Players can trade single NFTS as standalone items, and can also trade large nested NFTs as full income-generating tables with all their buildings, trains, and items included in a single package. Sales on the MetaRails market will have marketplace fees, and these fees will be reduced if players are transacting with $MRAIL tokens. Marketplace fees go back to the RailsDAO treasury which will be gradually decentralized until it is controlled by governance votes.

In parallel to the marketplace, players will have access to the renting station. The renting station functionally acts as a peer-to-peer NFT lending platform. Here, train owners can stake their assets into the renting contract and mint a new, time-restricted clone train which will be transferred to the borrower's table. A percentage of the yield generated by this clone will be returned to the original owner's wallet. We believe this built-in asset renting mechanism will create a seamless play-to-earn economy without the need for labor intensive "scholar management."

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