Getting a Table

Every user will be given a modestly sized empty table with randomly generated terrain to begin their diorama. This provides a blank canvas that can be crafted into an infinitely complex tapestry of winding locomotives. This "table" is the place where you can build your train tracks, buildings, bridges, factories and more. Playing the game is the best way to obtain more pieces for your table. At first players will have a handful of trains running their routes, but with time they will create large interconnected webs of locomotives, railways, and stations - with each addition further optimizing the resource gathering process. Players can trade their individual NFTs with others by minting them, and they can even sell the whole table as one complex, handcrafted, income generating NFT! At launch, a limited number of preset table bundles will also be available for purchase.

Getting a train

There are four ways that players can get trains to use in game:
· Buying genesis trains
· Buying trains from the marketplace
· Manufacturing a train by supplying a blueprint to a factory
· Borrowing a train through the lending station
In later sections we will expand on all four of these points.


If players wish they can purchase, expansions to their table and even buy additional tables. Expansions will enhance the earning potential of a table by unlocking more resource zones, entirely new buildings, and trains that are not available on smaller real estate. Thus, expansion will be a core element of game progression for the play-to-earn community.


Throughout the game you can earn resources which can be spent to obtain table items. These items are stored in your inventory and can be placed on a table in your possession. For play-to-earners it will be very important to place these items strategically on the table in order to maximize the reach of their utilities or to form clever synergies with other nearby items. Table items, just like trains, can be custom painted, stylized, and minted as individual NFTs - this adds an artistic layer that design savvy players can use to create beautiful dioramas.
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