Idle game


Once you have a table and your first Locomotive you can start playing the idle game. Place your train on the tracks and tell it what route to follow and "All ABOARD!" Your train will chug down the tracks and stop at various stations along the way. These stations will net you resources that can be spent on various things to upgrade your table. The more trains and stations you have the faster you earn resources.

Resources and Bonus Shipments

Spend resources on game items that cannot be traded. (e.g., stations, wagons, tracks). These items can later be minted by the player and sold on the market. Every so often players will have a bonus shipment delivered to their main station. These are essentially loot boxes and can contain, for example, Trains, wagons, Table items, Tokens, extra resources, etc. Bonus shipments will vary in rarity and that will determine the drop rates and the rarity of items inside.

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