Project Overview

Since childhood, we have been fascinated by trains, the technologies behind them, and the sheer craftsmanship it takes to design and build these amazing transport machinery. Over centuries many people all over the world have shared our enthusiasm around trains and intricate railway systems. Popularly known as Railfans, railway enthusiasts have vibrant and growing communities centered around model train collecting, train photography, and even a myriad of rail tycoon/simulation games with tens of millions of downloads. Railfans have proven that this endearing passion for trains not only stands the test of time but transcends physical collecting alone. In a world where so much of our entertainment is going digital, the only logical progression for us was to take our love of trains with us and bring railfans to the Metaverse!
MetaRails is a complete ecosystem based on Avalanche C-chain NFTs created as a reality-based, entertaining, and engaging experience for train lovers and collectors. MetaRails aims to bring a centuries-old fascination in collecting trains, train profiles, and train history into the NFT space.
MetaRails is based on real-life locomotives and trains that have existed in our world since the very first steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line was invented by George Stephenson in the United Kingdom in 1825. This project covers both the past and the present; a unique depiction of train evolution, from steam locomotives, through diesel and electric to hypermodern models such as maglev or TGV.
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